Stephanie Rae‎

Amazing Dr. Skip came to the hospital after his name came highly recommended. We were having latching issues and it took anywhere from 35-45 mins just to get Grant to latch on. First time feeding after he was adjusted.... Just 6 mins for a perfect latch! Amazing!! Can't say enough about how positive an experience we had for a first time chiro client!

Justice Finley

After Googling every chiropractor in the Green Bay area and interviewing several, we chose Wyss Family Clinic above the rest because it was obvious their approach to treatment was superior. We took our son in for cranial compression and infant reflux, both lead to poor sleeping habits and a very fussy baby. Within a week his mood and sleeping drastically improved and a few weeks later he was completely off his medication. After seeing his results, my husband and I became patients also. We can't thank Dr Skip and staff enough for improving our lives!

Elizabeth Breitenfeldt

I did not have chiropractic care during my first pregnancy and had a VERY difficult labor and birth. After lots of research I decided to have Dr. Julie's care during my entire second pregnancy. What a difference! Everyone in the office is so sweet and personable, and my second baby was born after just 3.5 hours of active labor and a very comfortable pregnancy. I credit a great portion of the difference in experiences to the wonderful care I received. I recommend chiropractic care with Wyss Family to any expecting mama!

Becca McNally

I have two 4 day olds who are different babies than they were before they saw you yesterday! Peeing, pooping, latching better! And the babies are not in screaming agony of bound up bowels anymore. God Bless you for the good nights sleep.

Amber Edwards

I wouldn't trust anyone else with my daughter's care! She's been seeing Dr. Skip since she was born, and I'm a happy mama.




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