Emily Evanoff

Our second child gave us a serious run for our money. She was a fitful sleeper from the beginning and would only sleep for 45 minutes before waking up screaming. She had trouble latching on the right side and would spend the better part of the day howling inconsolably. We tried swaddling, shushing, rocking, jiggling, bouncing, mechanical swings, pacifiers, slings, wraps, gas medicine, even going so far as to eliminate all dairy, wheat, and spicy things from my diet in the hopes that something, anything would calm this child. Nothing worked. The best anyone, professionals and laypersons alike, could tell us was that it usually stopped by four months. I personally didn't think I could make it that long.

As a last ditch effort, we tried pediatric chiropractic and when she was seven weeks old, we saw Dr. Skip Wyss. When I brought her home, happy and content in her car seat, my husband thought I had brought home the wrong baby, She nursed contentedly on both sides and slept for two hours. She woke up happy, quiet and alert. As the weeks went by, I would start to notice when she was out of alignment; little things like her latch, bowel movements, and even how straight she sat, all gave me clues as to how her body responded to the adjustments. It was really nothing short of a miracle. Now, I can appreciate and love my child without wanting to scream myself in frustration at 3:00AM. We can't believe it took us so long to turn to this treatment. We give it a huge thumbs up!



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