The Spine Project.


The Spine Project is a 501(c)(3) Chiropractic Charity in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

Prevention is the best form of cure. Our mission is to spread the miracle of holistic healthcare to underserved populations: our Veterans, Kids, and Families.

In our hearts, we believe that those with the ability to give back have the responsibility to do so. That’s why we’re so proud to celebrate the founding of a 501(c)(3) chiropractic charity in the spirit of giving, loving, and serving on a whole new level!

Inspired by the many brave and selfless soldiers that have given everything for our country, The Spine Project is our way of providing free and sliding-scale chiropractic care for the underserved populations, the children, families, military and veterans in our community. The countless testimonials are the true testament to what this type of care has done for the many families and veterans that we have served and will continue to care for.

Every dollar raised goes to patient care and expanding our capacity for community service.

By word of mouth alone, we have been able to care for over 2 dozen veterans and their families and now we need your help! We have donated our time over these past eight years and look forward to continuing to do so with your support. We currently are caring for several of our local active duty and military veterans, and we are currently working on projects to care for our school aged children with early spinal screenings.  Every donation helps.

“We became doctors because we want to give our children a better start to life and to deliver a brand of outstanding corrective chiropractic ​ health care that many people have never before experienced. It is an honor to serve our community through both Wyss Family Clinic of Chiropractic and The Spine Project Charity.”

- Dr. Skip Wyss & Dr. Julie Wyss (founders)



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2031 S Webster Ave
Green Bay, WI 54301
Phone: (920) 468-4199

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