Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Tis' the season... Your child is hot, flushed and listless. She has both diarrhea and vomiting, a runny or congested nose and her bark sounds like your Saint Bernard. “It’s this flu thing that’s been going around.”These words reverberate through our clinic every day. Some people find solace in the fact that other children are also afflicted. There seems to be some kind of safety in numbers. We as a society have been taught that this child is sick. Absolutely! There is no question in our minds. The symptoms are “sickness” at its best. But wait. Fever is actually a good thing. It’s the body’s way of “burning” the bug. It’s also the result of all the necessary body activities kicked into high gear to fight for survival. All this extra work produces extra heat— fever. It’s that simple. At the same time, however, this may have a harmful effect on the protein of the cornea; the eyes take on a glassy appearance, the result of being continually washed with tears to cool down the cornea, which is very heat sensitive. In its wisdom, your child’s body may need to get rid of this germ really fast—diarrhea and vomiting. There isn’t a quicker way! This is good! It’s simply another portal of exit for the germs that have invaded her body. Breathing and respiration also increase. Your child literally exhales the invading organisms faster. You’ll notice that the skin is moist and clammy—simply another method of exit for the bugs. At the same time, however, you notice that your child has no appetite. Even French fries, her all-time fave, gives her the heebie-jeebies. The reason is that her body energy is geared towards survival and is on emergency stand-by. There is no energy wasted for digesting food. There you have it—the logic behind the scenes. In case you didn’t know, your nervous system, that amazing computer-Internet complex that runs you, is responsible for all this marvelous activity. It’s the system that causes your immune response to spring into action to protect you any way it can. This is not “sickness.” It’s an expression of health and vitality. It’s your body doing exactly what it needs to do, in order to regain health. When your child is feeling like this, parents have the compulsion to intervene and interfere with cough suppressants, anti-fever medication and antibiotics. We have been carefully taught that a child needs these drugs to combat disease. Nonsense! Your child needs no interference. There are a number of things you can do to help, however, while her body is cleaning out the germs.Have your child checked by a chiropractor to make certain her nervous system is functioning optimally so it can handle the sickness.High doses of vitamin C. For a young child, we recommend 1,000-2,000mg/day for a week. For adults, 5,000-7,000.Lots to drink. Water is best, but if your child won’t drink it, you can use diluted fruit juice.Lots of rest.Echinacea. It should be administered on an age-dependent basis.Congaplex available in chewable form or can be swallowed. Quickly relieves nasal congestion.A good multi-vitamin. Catalyn which is available in a chewable form can be purchased in our office from Standard Process. In the event that your child is not improving on her own in a week, it means that her immune system is weak. Crisis care may be needed. See your chiropractor at once for more recommendations.   

Baby Talk

Generally, a baby will take whatever it needs nutritionally from its mother. As a result, many mothers become literally undernourished. Since a baby’s rate of growth is seven times faster than her three-year-old brother, it’s much like feeding a baby elephant! A mother must provide the proper fuel, and the following nutrients are essential. A mother-to-be requires at least 800mg of iron to adequately develop red blood cells. Iron is contained in most dark leafy vegetables and a liquid iron supplement can be obtained from your health food store or this office recommends SP GreenFood and Cruciferous Complete which we have readily available. Vitamin C will help in the absorption of iron from your digestive tract.Folic acid is important to the nervous system and cannot be omitted. Luckily, folic acid is contained in most foods which contain iron, so it’s a cinch to get. Mom and baby need at least 1,200mg of calcium daily. A good source of calcium is cheese or fermented dairy foods such as kefir or yogurt. Try raw almonds if you don’t eat dairy. Vitamin D will also help in the absorption of calcium. Essential VitaminsBe cautious of taking Vitamin B when pregnant, because it tends to reduce the amount of available breast milk. Babies also do not like garlic, so avoid caesar salad while breast-feeding. Chocolate tends togive babies diarrhea. A generation ago, weight gain was limited to eight to 10 pounds. This is no longer the case. Latest research indicates that weight gain of 35 pounds or more on a high-protein diet is healthy as long as it is well-balancedand the food doesn’t contain chemicals, preservatives or refined sugars. Moms are also often told to restrict their salt intake. But natural sodium (a part of salt) is important in the production of extra blood volume and a lack can be disastrous. We recommend that you use sea salt or Celtic salt to taste. This is an easy way of listening to what your body is telling you. There are other pregnancy no-nos. One is alcohol. It causes problems with the development of your baby’s nervous system. The caffeine found in coffee, cola, black and green teas and chocolate has been linked to birth defects. As well, limit your preservative intake, including aspartame (or Nutrasweet, found in diet colas), and be very cautious of using any type of medication, because all drugs cross the placental barrier. One of the most common nuisances of pregnancy is morning sickness, mostly caused by a lack of blood sugar—hypoglycemia. After all, you haven’t eaten since the night before and your developing baby literally feeds all night while you are asleep. We suggest our pregnant patients have an energy bar or a snack high in protein, fructose and complex carbohydrates late in the evening, which will level out blood sugar levels untilbreakfast. Having a chiropractic check-up helps to ensure that your nervous system is functioning normally so that you have a good pregnancy and much easier labor and delivery. Red raspberry leaves make a good uterine tonic and helps prevent miscarriage and/or anemia (it also tastes yummy!). Red raspberry leaves also aid in fighting infection. Peppermint tea will help with digestion and nausea, as will ginger root. Other herbs such as echinacea and chamomile are very relaxing when taken as a hot tea. All of these are available from your health food store. A regimen that all of our pregnant mommas in our office follows is a recommendation of; Folic Acid, Trace Minerals B12, Tuna Omega-3, and Catalyn from Standard Process which we have available.


Poison for our kids. Aspartame changes the brain’s chemistry and has been responsible for many neurological problems such as seizures, manic depression, rage and violence.

Alternative Medicine

You have most likely noticed a considerable difference between the chiropractic and the medical approach to health. The public is beginning to realize that the practice of medicine is essentially “crisis control” and is based on symptom attenuation, changing body chemistry, and fear. It is not health care.  At best, there are only four viable options available to most family physicians when faced with a patient who has a health problem:Wait for it to go away on its own or “live with it.”Prescribe medication in the hope that this will minimize symptoms.Refer for surgery or other radical procedures.Physiotherapy Chiropractic, on the other hand, is primarily concerned with the restoration and maintenance of health. A recent study found that there are approximately 100 million more office visits per year made to chiropractors and other holistic doctors than to physicians. Chiropractic is no longer thought of as “alternative medicine.” It is the mainstream! Medical associations and drug manufacturers are well aware and are concerned about this new emerging paradigm. They are simply losing their market share. As more and more people become aware of the failure of medicine to help them with their health concerns, they turn to chiropractic, vitamins, herbs and other natural remedies. The old “take a pill and make it better” mentality is still one of the most dangerous side-effects of medical indoctrination we face in society. We think that as long as we take a potion that stops our runny nose, we’re better; that if gulping down laxatives keeps us regular, we’re improving the condition of our bodies. We need to stop thinking in terms of treating illness and disease and start thinking in terms of staying well! Real health is not just the absence of symptoms, It is something we create from the inside, not something we can achieve from a pill, an herb or a surgery.A quick note on Tums. In order to increase sales, Tums is marketed as good for you—because it now contains calcium. Have you ever heard of taking a drug in order to get your dietary load of a necessary mineral? Our guess is that the makers of Tums simply “forgot” to mention that calcium is more readily available from the foods we eat. They also forgot to mention that Tums, as an antacid, removes acid from the stomach which is needed for calcium to be absorbed by the digestive tract!Health is more than just a period between illnesses. Health is judged by the way your body adapts to its internal and external environment. For example, if a healthy body is exposed to a flu “bug” it should be able, if it’s working properly, to neutralize the effects of the “bug” without breaking down. If it cannot adapt, you get “sick.” Chiropractic ApproachChiropractic philosophy is based on this common sense. People like the logic, the simplicity and the rationale of this approach to health. Nothing is added to the body and nothing is taken out. We simply remove the interference so it can function optimally.Real health is everyone’s natural, normal state. The body was created with all the mechanisms needed to maintain its health—regardless of how much you were lead to believe otherwise. The goal of the doctor you choose should be to allow your body to function the way it was meant to and to enhance that function. That is the next paradigm.




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