Chiropractic help for vertigo

Vertigo, or dizziness as some people call it, is a condition that we see quite often in our clinic. It can have a vast number of causes so the challenge for any health practitioner is to be able to determine the reason WHY a patient feels dizzy. The idea is not to treat the dizziness but rather deal with the person as a whole who is affected. Some of the most common causes of vertigo are: Otitis media - ear infection. Often an infection of the inner ear will disturb the delicate vestibular apparatus, which plays an important part in the maintenance of balance. This apparatus then will often send wrong messages through the nervous system to the brain, which may result in a feeling of vertigo. In the case of ear infection, a chiropractic adjustment will stimulate the immune system and help the body deal with the infection all by itself. After all, it is designed to do just that. As well, vitamin C, echinacea or a few drops of warm olive oil poured into the affected ear will work wonders. Hypoglycemia - low blood sugar. We see this especially in teenagers and people who tend to skip lunch or breakfast and do not provide their bodies with the proper nourishment they need to function. Many people actually find this fairly confusing because eating sweets actually worsens the problem. This difficulty is generally the result of a dietary habit the body has adapted to and learned. For instance, if your diet is rich in carbs and refined sugars, your body learns to compensate by producing more and more insulin to enable it to absorb sugar into your cells for energy. In that sense, your body learns the habit of producing insulin at the slightest sugar provocation. This has the effect of lowering the normal level of blood sugar dangerously low. The result is that your brain is literally starved for energy and you begin to feel dizzy. For hypoglycemia, we suggest you check and/or modify your diet to eliminate sugary, refined foods and include more vegetables and whole grains. We have a wonderful program to help you with this in our office should you need some assistance. The third reason is what we refer to as a vertebral subluxation—and this is where chiropractic comes in. When some of the vertebra in the spine, especially in the upper part of the neck, are subluxated (misaligned), they have the effect of literally short-circuiting areas of the spinal cord and brain stem, causing erroneous input into the cerebellum and parts of the brain. This affects normal balance and may cause you to feel dizzy. We suggest you consult with your family chiropractor so you can check for the presence of vertebral subluxations, which may be causing your vertigo. 

Vaccination Hep B

While preparing for the birth of our first daughter we were faced with many choices as are all new parents. A common theme that kept coming up was the list of “required” vaccinations. First off-no vaccine is required. Second, the list of vaccine recommendations can be so overwhelming that instead of doing your homework and investigating on your own you take your doctor’s advice. They are the doctor after all and should have your best interest in mind, Right? Well, after driving past a school the other day and noticing a sign for Hepatitis B: “Hep B Vaccination For Grade 7” we felt this topic needed to be visited. Hepatitis is a liver disease seen predominately in adults, mainly among those using contaminated needles or blood products or among promiscuous individuals practicing unsafe sex. It is not a childhood disease. It is not a killer and it is not as highly contagious as health authorities would like you to believe. As a matter of fact, there are only approximately 300 cases of hepatitis B in North America per year—very different form the numbers quoted by health departments. Does hep B constitute a huge problem then? We don’t think so. The health department and your physicians request that your baby or child receive the hepatitis B vaccine for her own protection. The first inoculation of the vaccine is given to babies from birth to six months. However, authorities such as Edda West, President of the Vaccine Risk Awareness Network, and Dr Jane Orient, Executive Director of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, agree that as a child’s immune system is immature, the benefits of this vaccine are highly questionable. There have been more adverse reactions to vaccination than cases of hepatitis itself, so much so that France has discontinued its hep B vaccine program. The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons is calling for an immediate moratorium on hepatitis B vaccines, pending further research on dangerous side effects. As well, it accused schools requiring these shots of practicing medicine without a license. “Children younger than 14 are three times more likely to die or suffer adverse reaction after receiving hepatitis B than catch the disease,” the association stated. “We find it shocking that government health officials cavalierly dismiss reports of serious adverse affects as coincidental and that school officials ignore them all together,” Dr Jane Orient, executive director of the association, went on to say. Let’s look at this a little further. One thing we would like you to be aware of as parents is that the hepatitis B vaccine only lasts between seven and nine years. If that is the case, then why give it to infants? Is there some kind of worry of your child becoming promiscuous by the time he is in fifth grade? Of is there another sinister reason?The government is under tremendous legal pressure to offer full disclosure of the benefits and the dangerous side effects before any scheduled vaccination takes place, something that has not been done. This is called Informed Consent. As well, the health department is not big on informing parents that they actually have a choice whether to vaccinate their children or not. This has been conveniently hidden from the public under threats of school suspension.Many parents are also made to feel that a child would not be allowed in school if she was not vaccinated. Not true! Our local health department has omitted to tell you that you actually have a choice and that vaccination exemption forms are available at your local health office. The state of Wisconsin is a special state for this reason. Here are some suggestions for you:Question everything.Ask your doctor about side effects and whether she is aware of the latest research on vaccines.Ask what they personally recommend if you 2 are not in favor of all the vaccinations at one time. They usually cut the list in half!Ask for proof—not a vaccine brochure from the health department or drug company.  Learn to recognize a vaccine reaction.Ask about the vaccine lot number.Ask about liability. This is a good question which should cut through all the bologna.Finally, you may want to have your doctor sign your very own “Consent for administration of vaccination” form. It shifts responsibility for any potential reactions and future complications to the person actually administering the vaccine. If your doctor or health department representative will not sign it, beware. Copies are available from our clinic for a nominal fee.Remember, you have choices. You are your child’s health guardian.

Upper Respiratory Tract Infections

Tis' the season... Your child is hot, flushed and listless. She has both diarrhea and vomiting, a runny or congested nose and her bark sounds like your Saint Bernard. “It’s this flu thing that’s been going around.”These words reverberate through our clinic every day. Some people find solace in the fact that other children are also afflicted. There seems to be some kind of safety in numbers. We as a society have been taught that this child is sick. Absolutely! There is no question in our minds. The symptoms are “sickness” at its best. But wait. Fever is actually a good thing. It’s the body’s way of “burning” the bug. It’s also the result of all the necessary body activities kicked into high gear to fight for survival. All this extra work produces extra heat— fever. It’s that simple. At the same time, however, this may have a harmful effect on the protein of the cornea; the eyes take on a glassy appearance, the result of being continually washed with tears to cool down the cornea, which is very heat sensitive. In its wisdom, your child’s body may need to get rid of this germ really fast—diarrhea and vomiting. There isn’t a quicker way! This is good! It’s simply another portal of exit for the germs that have invaded her body. Breathing and respiration also increase. Your child literally exhales the invading organisms faster. You’ll notice that the skin is moist and clammy—simply another method of exit for the bugs. At the same time, however, you notice that your child has no appetite. Even French fries, her all-time fave, gives her the heebie-jeebies. The reason is that her body energy is geared towards survival and is on emergency stand-by. There is no energy wasted for digesting food. There you have it—the logic behind the scenes. In case you didn’t know, your nervous system, that amazing computer-Internet complex that runs you, is responsible for all this marvelous activity. It’s the system that causes your immune response to spring into action to protect you any way it can. This is not “sickness.” It’s an expression of health and vitality. It’s your body doing exactly what it needs to do, in order to regain health. When your child is feeling like this, parents have the compulsion to intervene and interfere with cough suppressants, anti-fever medication and antibiotics. We have been carefully taught that a child needs these drugs to combat disease. Nonsense! Your child needs no interference. There are a number of things you can do to help, however, while her body is cleaning out the germs.Have your child checked by a chiropractor to make certain her nervous system is functioning optimally so it can handle the sickness.High doses of vitamin C. For a young child, we recommend 1,000-2,000mg/day for a week. For adults, 5,000-7,000.Lots to drink. Water is best, but if your child won’t drink it, you can use diluted fruit juice.Lots of rest.Echinacea. It should be administered on an age-dependent basis.Congaplex available in chewable form or can be swallowed. Quickly relieves nasal congestion.A good multi-vitamin. Catalyn which is available in a chewable form can be purchased in our office from Standard Process. In the event that your child is not improving on her own in a week, it means that her immune system is weak. Crisis care may be needed. See your chiropractor at once for more recommendations.   

Traumatic Birth Syndrome

Traumatic birth syndrome (TBS) is a topic unfamiliar to most parents, but is estimated to be the sixth leading cause of infant death. It also accounts for 85-95 percent of health problems chiropractors face—even in adult patients. From The Inside Ultrasound may seem safe and innocuous, but current research tells us this is not so. Exposure of cells to diagnostic ultrasound causes general genetic damage and alterations of cellular growth and motility. After a single exposure to ultrasound, there are long-lived effects on the cells’ DNA, behavior and growth. Ultrasound has also been associated with dyslexia and delayed speech. The greatest concern is that ultrasound has an impact on immature eggs of a female baby. This last danger has not been satisfactorily investigated. Electronic fetal monitoring (EFM) is used by most hospitals, even though there has been little testing done to determine efficacy. The latest research indicates that EFM increases parent panic and the rate of caesareans by 400 percent. During pregnancy, there is nothing more chilling for parents to hear than the words, “the baby’s heart rate is dropping.” This is the point where logic leaves, panic takes over and the body reacts. Many moms don’t realize that it is quite normal for their baby’s heart rate to drop slightly during each contraction. To The Outside Forceps and vacuum extraction use up to about 143 pounds of force to literally pull the baby out. The forces applied to the head and neck of the baby often causes nerve and spinal cord injuries as well as vertebral subluxations. These subluxations affect the baby’s nervous system and are a great threat to acute and chronic health. Caesareans, also known as C-sections, have become increasingly popular, although many parents do not realize that they are still considered surgery. As soon as the mother’s abdomen is cut, the uterus contracts to protect the baby. Steel retractors may be used to open the uterus, and then forceps and vacuum extraction are required to deliver the child. Of course, the mother is anesthetized so she can’t feel the pain. Plus, many forget that the anesthetic also crosses the placenta and affects the baby. The greatest difficulty chiropractors have with all these procedures is that they increase the possibility of vertebral subluxations in the baby’s spine. During delivery, there is tremendous stress placed on the child’s head, neck and delicate spinal bones. This, in turn, affects the spinal cord and billions of nerves that send vital messages from the brain to every part of the body. Subluxations can produce a myriad of health problems, including sudden infant death syndrome and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. A natural health practitioner or pediatric chiropractor can help you minimize the risk of traumatic birth syndrome. 


Most of us can remember back to when we were in school, many times during gym class when we had a screening for our backs. But what did we really know about it and did we really care. But now your child has just come home with a note saying he might have a scoliosis. Panic sets in at first. How come you didn’t catch it sooner, what do I do now... This seems to be a very common scenario because most parents don’t know what scoliosis is, how to detect it in their children or what you can do as a treatment. Scoliosis very simply is a curvature of the spine. When you look at your child from the back you can see a sideways bend compared to a normal spine, which is straight. It can be very damaging for a child’s health in many ways. In very advanced scoliosis cases it can put a tremendous amount of pressure on the heart and lungs. It also can lead to arthritis that is advanced in the areas under maximum stress. Ultimately, your child’s posture is affected which can alter your child’s athletic performance, self esteem and daily activities. There are essentially two types of scoliosis, fixed and functional. Fixed scoliosis is primarily caused by certain genetic malformations while functional scoliosis which is by far more common, and affects females and males proportionately simply has “no known cause.”Past practice of scoliosis treatments were a wait- and-see attitude, body casts, corsets, physiotherapy and the ever popular spinal surgeries where any number of steel Harrington rods were screwed into the spine in the hope of straightening it. As a parent you need to be aware that scoliosis does have a cause. It doesn’t just happen overnight where your child sleeps wrong and now has a curve. It has been happening for a while and most likely your child is unaware of the problem. Since the day your child was born his or her body has been continually changing and adapting, from sitting- up, crawling, walking and other complex movements; your child’s body and nervous system was learning and adapting. Such a developing nervous system is not always able to distinguish between good and bad data, and therefore responds to both. Add this up from birth to now preteen years and your child’s body has developed a pretty good habit of bad behaviors and postures. But it can be changed! Scoliosis can be reversible with chiropractic care from a dedicated chiropractor who specializes in children. In the care of children, a pediatric chiropractor is mainly concerned with the constant, chronic “bad” information that is being passed from the brain to the rest of the body. As a chiropractor it is of paramount importance to prevent and eliminate this faulty programming before improper and inefficient habits are learned. The best scoliosis treatments should always start with a chiropractor who has experience with working with children and their developing nervous systems. We see vertebral subluxations as a major threat to a child’s health and well being. All children should be checked by a chiropractor with pediatric experience to be sure your child’s growing body and nervous system are learning the proper habits for a strong and healthy childhood and lifelong spine health. 

Child Development

You’ve been blessed with a wonderful new baby. Congratulations! The baby is eating like a champ and sleeping like there’s no tomorrow and you are enjoying your time as a new family. Your baby’s height and weight were “average” as indicated by the early child development chart in the hospital. You look forward to your upcoming appointment with your baby’s new pediatrician. How much have they grown? They probably gained at least a pound or two. They seem to be flourishing from your estimates from looking at the thousands of checklist of early child development you’ve found. Your optimism is slowly deflated and then worry creeps in when the doctor says your new baby has fallen below the “average” line on his charts. “We’ll monitor it right now, but I want to see them in 2 weeks.” Gosh, you thought you were doing everything right, now you second guess everything and compare your baby to the ones you see at the mall, your friend’s new baby, pictures in books and the web. You worry about everything. Deep Breath...As long as your child can turn their head back and forth, follows your voice with their eyes or stops what they are doing at the sound of your voice, looks at the person talking to them, can hold a rattle, and/or coos at you in that wonderful voice of theirs, there shouldn’t be much to worry about. Now, if the child seems to always look at the person on the left but never on the right… then there could definitely be a problem. That is where a pediatric chiropractor can be a life-saver. What may seem like a minor issue to your child now can lead to a whole host of issues down the road; colic, ear infections, colitis, autism, ADHD, colitis, scoliosis, headaches, leg cramps and many other conditions which are all the result of, Birth. We’ve all been through it! What your baby has is a vertebral subluxation in the top part of their neck which is not allowing them to turn their head. It’s as simple as that, but only a chiropractor can remove the subluxation. Have you been wondering about that bald spot on the back of their head, or why they feed really well on the right side of your breast but not on the left? The same reasons hold true, your child can’t turn their head because they are subluxated. How did it happen, I’ve been so careful…Imagine being squeezed through a 10 centimeter opening. Someone grabs onto your head and pulls on it with 140 pounds of force. Or maybe some cold forceps are used, or a loud vacuum. Heck, throw in a Caesarean for good measure. Either way that baby comes out the stress of delivery can have an enormous effect on the function and alignment of a baby’s delicate vertebrae, nerves and spinal cord, possibly causing a host of health problems if the nervous system doesn’t function properly. Chiropractic care benefits all aspects of your body’s ability to be healthy. This is accomplished by working with the nervous system – the conduit of internal intelligence between your brain and body. Chiropractors work to correct subluxations, the misalignments of the individual spinal bones. When subluxated, these vertebrae put pressure on the spinal cord and spinal nerves, causing malfunction inparts of the body. News Flash! Those charts are just that, Charts. Used for a comparison for “average” babies. Whoever wants just an average baby…? I don’t. We just want a healthy child whose body is functioning properly. And if your gut feeling is telling you that your baby is just fine; then go with it. You’ll know if something’s just not right, and then a trip to a pediatric chiropractor could make the biggest difference in the world. 




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